Sam on The New Abnormal with Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson

August 1, 2020 by Sam Wang

I had a great conversation with Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson on their podcast, The New Abnormal! We talked polls, elections, and Moneyball 2020. Oh, and Senator Tammy Duckworth was the other two-thirds of their show. I guess data analytics are the vegetable course? As a Southern friend of mine says, if there’s nothing green on the table it’s not a meal.

Take a listen! Stitcher, Apple, and I Heart Radio, a few of many places.

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Ashley Evans says:

I listened to this and found it really interesting. As an Australian where we have independent drawing of districts, universal postal voting as an option for everyone, preferential voting and compulsory voting I know there’s a lot that differs between our system and yours – so I thought you might find this awesome book really interesting

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