A framework for thinking about democracy reform

August 17, 2022 by Sam Wang

This year, I'm highly focused on the preservation and improvement of democracy. (There will still be horserace coverage for longtime readers. That's coming soon!)

My fundamental motivation is this: I think there’s hope for our democracy, and I want to deploy data and science to help understand the best way forward. For many of you, an optimistic sentiment may seem out of place. After all, we have a host of problems that include erosion of individual rights, an enormous gulf between the major parties, partisan gerrymandering, loss of faith in institutions, war, and climate change. Sounds bad, right?

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All pain, whose gain? The surprising implications of a new legal theory for redistricting

August 13, 2022 by Sam Wang

(cross-posted with my new Substack)

Lots of pixels have been spilled on a legal theory once considered fringe, the Independent State Legislature doctrine. This theory threatens to wreak havoc with centuries of election law. Two upcoming Supreme Court redistricting cases cite this doctrine. Both are brought by Republican-controlled legislatures, so you’d think it would be of net benefit to their party. I did the math. Like the web ads say, the answer might surprise you.

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Run across NY-10 in 60 seconds!

April 22, 2022 by Sam Wang

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:30am Eastern, tune in to CBS Saturday morning/. I’ll show Brook Silva around a place in Brooklyn where you can see three Congressional districts in the space of one city block…and the city block has no registered voters!

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