Run across NY-10 in 60 seconds!

April 22, 2022 by Sam Wang

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:30am Eastern, tune in to CBS Saturday morning/. I’ll show Brook Silva around a place in Brooklyn where you can see three Congressional districts in the space of one city block…and the city block has no registered voters!

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A bipartisan agreement on New Jersey legislative redistricting

February 23, 2022 by Sam Wang

Last Friday at the State House in Trenton, after a week of tough but civil negotiations between the five Republican and five Democratic members of the New Jersey Legislative Apportionment Commission, the Commission adopted a new legislative map with a bipartisan vote of 9 to 2. Negotiations were led by Commission Co-Chairs LeRoy J. Jones, Jr. [D] and Al Barlas [R] and shepherded by Judge Philip S. Carchman, the appointed eleventh member of the Commission, Affirmative votes came from four Democrats, four Republicans, and Judge Carchman. And the Electoral Innovation Lab helped.

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Omicron and in-person teaching

January 9, 2022 by Sam Wang

I’m fortunate to work at an institution that requires full vaccination, including boosters. Princeton University also is fairly aggressive on safety measures for in-person teaching. With Omicron on the rise, is it enough?

On this topic. I recently corresponded with my colleague Eve Aschheim, an in-person studio art instructor. She asked if  current precautions were enough. I thought yes – especially if students wear KN95 masks in class and there was a portable HEPA filter running. I also came up with a simple “multiply/divide by 3” rule to allow for Omicron.

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