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Time to double the number of deaths Sunday, June 7: US 106.2 days, NJ 147.2 days, NY 421.4 days

“Fixing Bugs in Democracy” Events

“Fixing Bugs in Democracy” is a series of virtual town halls, targeting problems in our democracy, and how to fix them.


Watch a playlist of our Virtual Town Halls, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Previous Town Halls:

New York Times Editorial Board Member Jesse Wegman with Professors Sam Wang and Julian Zelizer:

Activist Katie Fahey with Professors Sam Wang and Julian Zelizer:

Bestselling author Dave Daley with Professors Sam Wang and Julian Zelizer:

FEC Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub with Professor Sam Wang:


“Fixing Bugs in Democracy” is a collaboration between Princeton Gerrymandering Project, the Pace Center for Civic Engagement, Service Focus, and Princeton University Public Lectures.