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College Reopening, Coronavirus, and the Adolescent Brain

July 3rd, 2020, 12:58pm by Sam Wang

Politics and Polls logoCan colleges reopen safely? Should they try? On Politics and Polls (the podcast for the Princeton Policy School, co-hosted by Julian Zelizer and me), I interview Laurence Steinberg, major expert on adolescence. Our conversation is a mash-up of neuroscience, public health, coronavirus, and the adolescent mind. Spoiler: it’s going to be really, really, rilly difficult. Take a listen.

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  • Pete

    Something about that Tiktok article causes the scrolling of your homepage to go bonkers. When one scrolls past that, you can’t keep any article after that from scrolling up or down (at least on a Mac). We’d like to be able to read all the interesting stuff here, so please fix this. Thank you.

  • glc

    It seems to me the states’ doubling time chart is no longer useful, but a link to would be.

    As far as schools go, I’m more concerned about elementary schools (though very concerned about all levels). As far as I can see those who can establish social bubbles should do so and we should adapt our structures to suit that, but this is not something that can be handled by simple administrative adjustments.

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