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Sep 18: Biden 352 EV (D+5.3% from toss-up), Senate 52 D, 48 R (D+3.2%), House control D+2.0%
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Discussing Electoral College bugs at APSA

August 28th, 2019, 6:31am by Sam Wang

Tomorrow at the American Political Science Association meeting, I’ll be on a panel organized by Rick Hasen and Bruce Cain on the Electoral College. My topic: A Bug in Democracy: Mythical and True Flaws in the Electoral College. My draft working paper is here, and slides are here. Co-panelists: Amel Ahmed, Michael Morley, and Ed Foley. It should be a good discussion.

This year, APSA takes place in Washington DC. Our exact coordinates: the Marriott Wardman Park, in the Taft Room, 10:00am Thursday. If you’re attending the meeting, come by!

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  • UserFriendly

    Yeah, except the national popular vote compact is poorly written so that it locks in first past the post voting and thus the 2 party system. What happens when literally any state decides that it wants to have a better voting system and switches to STAR or RCV?

  • Ruhrfisch

    Thanks for posting the slides and wish I could be there. There was one error I saw – Teddy Roosevelt was the 26th president (Lincoln was 16th).

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