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Politics & Polls: talk back to Julian and Sam

January 22nd, 2019, 4:19pm by Sam Wang

In our Politics & Polls podcast, Julian Zelizer and I talk to our guests, and sometimes to each other. This week we want to hear from you.

Do you have questions? Ideas that interest you? Email them to Do it now!

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  • Paul M Young

    I have an old request that you and Dr. Z discuss the history of districting – going back to the English Parliament and through the history of the U.S. Gerrymandering would be part of this, but I would like a much bigger picture. I want to hear about rotten boroughs, Reynolds v. Sims, etc…

    I would also love to hear a discussion on how statistical innovations of recent decades – things like NOMINATE and Cook PVI – are affecting our understanding of political history.

  • Bad audio

    Audio quality on the last two episodes is truly atrocious. What’s happened? Do a little QC!

    • Sam Wang

      Sorry, I was traveling for the last one. Subpar recording conditions. Thanks.

      Whose voice quality was bad for the one before that?

    • Bad audio

      Prof Wang, Thank you for the reply and I owe you a bit of an apology. I listen to my podcasts at 1.3x speed, and there is strange distortion in the last two podcasts at that speed, but not at normal speed.

      What’s strange is that I’ve never heard this distortion on earlier episodes of the podcast, nor have I ever heard it in any of the myriad of other podcasts I listen to.

      So I’m thinking something’s changed on the production end in terms of audio compression format? Not sure. But regardless, I’ll just know going forward to reduce P&P to normal speed if it’s sounding bad.

      Thanks for all your podcasting!

  • Steve

    Just FYI… on the last three podcasts, the sound cut out after about 30 seconds. When I went back to the beginning, the sound was there. When I tried a different podcast, it worked fine (so the problem isn’t my app or device). I also tried jumping to random points in the podcast to see if the sound came back. It didn’t.

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