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Politics & Polls: Year Of The Woman, 2018 – and North Carolina

October 28th, 2018, 7:30pm by Sam Wang

This Politics & Polls is a pre-midterms double-header, on women and on North Carolina.

This year, a record number of women candidates are running for federal office. Where did this come from, and how many of them will win? Julian Zelizer and I drill in with Prof. Danielle Thomsen of U.C. Irvine, who’s visiting Princeton for the year. And here’s a look at what this year’s new wave of women activists looks like in a formerly solid Republican bastion, California’s Orange County.

We also spoke with Barry Yeoman, who recently wrote a deeply-reported piece on the craziness of North Carolina politics. Our focus was Anita Earls, a woman who is favored to win a state Supreme Court seat. She would strengthen that court as a check on what members of both major parties are starting to see as a runaway legislature.

It’s a great episode. Give us a listen!

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  • ArcticStones

    Great to see this focus on North Carolina – and especially on Supreme Court candidate Anita Earls.

    There are a lot of elected state-level judicial positions to be decided in 2018. Do you know of anyone that has a compete overview? has excellent overviews of many things, and I have suggested (unsuccessfully) they add a Judicial category. And Taniel’s new website has a fine overview of referenda etc.

    However, I have yet to see anyone collate information on elected judicial positions.

    • Sam Wang

      I don’t know of any, sorry. The races I am watching are Earls (NC) and Bagenstos (MI). I think Taniel highlighted those. They are on our map on the beta site.

    • ArcticStones

      I first became aware of Anita Earls when I read the article “Taking Back North Carolina”, p.33 in the autumn issue of The American Prospect.

      The same issue in which your own excellent article, “How Gerrymandering Reform Can Win in the States”, appears. :)

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