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Job opportunity ā€“ Legal/Statistical Analyst, Princeton Gerrymandering Project

March 26th, 2018, 4:41pm by brian

The Princeton Gerrymandering Project is hiring a Legal Analyst! The PGP combines law with statistics to develop and explain mathematical tools to detect partisan gerrymandering. This person will join a team with expertise in statistics, law, computational simulation, mathematical rigor, and practical policy.

As the 2020 redistricting looms, the PGP is taking the fight to the states, where we will explore possibilities for ballot- and litigation-based reform. The legal analyst will be responsible for digging into the legal, political, and statistical issues surrounding redistricting in the states we target. She/he will research the regulations governing redistricting, the ways in which the process played out in the last several redistricting cycles, the background politics, and current reform efforts.

Additionally, the legal analyst will keep abreast of redistricting news and scholarship, both legal and statistical. The political, legal, and academic landscape changes rapidly, and upcoming Supreme Court decisions are likely to transform the field. A strong understanding of the field is essential to informing the PGPā€™s strategic choices and for collaborating with other members of the PGP on computational and statistical projects.

Finally, the legal analyst will co-author academic and popular press articles about PGP methods. She/he will also handle press inquiries and external communications.

The ideal candidate for this job is a strong writer with basic knowledge of courts and the law. She/he will also be familiar and comfortable with discussing both legal and mathematical/statistical issues with academic and lay audiences. This position is suitable for someone between college and graduate or professional school. More experienced applicants are also welcome. In all cases, she/he must be available full-time.

Soon there will be an official job posting, at which time the goals and requirements may be modified slightly. In advance of that, I invite interested people to send me an email at and cc Brian Remlinger ( to describe qualifications and availability.

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