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Politics and Polls #66: Year of the Trumpquake

November 9th, 2017, 8:10pm by Sam Wang

Our podcast is ranked #12 in News and Politics on iTunes! Which is pretty cool.

Here, Julian Zelizer and I look back on the last 12 months, including what we did and didn’t foresee after last November’s Trumpquake. Added bonus: I do impression of Russian spy. All in the new Politics & Polls.

Tags: 2014 Election

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  • 538 Refugee

    Congrats on the rankings. Onwards and upwards. I’m glad your efforts are being rewarded with a show of interest.

  • Amelia Koch

    Urgent, the sound quality of your most recent Podcast is inaudible. I very much enjoy your podcast and I’m interested in the conversation with Flake and hope you can fix it.

    • Rose Kelly

      Hi, Amelia. I’m the producer of the show. Which podcast app are you using? And are you referring to episode #135? It sounds fine on my end, but I’d like to look into this for you. Thanks.

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