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Politics & Polls #38: Sarah Kendzior on Trump/Russia

April 9th, 2017, 1:52pm by Sam Wang

Sarah Kendzior was among the first writers to point out Trump’s likely rise, and to trace it to white anger in “flyover country,” a term she gets to use because she lives in Missouri. She writes for the Toronto Globe & Mail, and has a lot to say about the Trump/Russia connection. It was a particularly lively interview.

Link: Politics And Polls #38

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  • Anne

    Is there a Politics & Polls podcast-only RSS feed I can subscribe to?

  • 538 Refugee

    If there was an ‘alt-left’ would they be claiming the Syrian strike was coordinated between Trump and Putin to take the steam out of the congressional investigations?

    Seriously, why would Syria launch a small scale chemical attack if it wasn’t with Russia’s blessing from an airfield they shared with the Russians? Was this planned to see what the American reaction would be? The real question is if we reacted in the best way. Time will tell.

    Personally, I think Putin may have misunderstood that Trump would be eager to prove his manhood and let the military run things. Now Trump’s ‘manhood’ will be called into question if he doesn’t take a hard line on Russia.

    • LondonYoung

      I offer the theory that Russia is hoping to create friction between the E.U. and the U.S. by forcing the U.S. into the world policeman role (because E.U. weapons procurement budgets have been low for so long that they are now almost helpless).

    • Matt McIrvin

      There is one, and they tend to agree with the alt-right about the attack being some kind of false-flag conspiracy by the Deep State.

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