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Politics & Polls #37: a chat with Robert Costa

March 30th, 2017, 10:06am by Sam Wang

Julian Zelizer and I interviewed Robert Costa, political reporter for the Washington Post. Costa’s been covering national politics for many years. Last Friday, he was the first person that Donald Trump called to talk about the cancellation of the vote on Affordable Care Act repeal. We got into what it was like to get the call, and also lots of other topics, including the coming budget battle and whether Neil Gorsuch will make it onto the Supreme Court.

Link: Politics And Polls #37

Tags: House · President · Senate

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  • LondonYoung

    Best podcast of the series so far, IMHO

  • Josh

    Agreed, great podcast.

    Conventional wisdom does seem to be that McConnell will go nuclear if Gorsuch gets filibustered…is that the dominant strategy for the GOP from a game theory perspective? Or would McConnell possibly be making a mistake by doing so?

  • Pramod

    I thought the one on trade was a bit more substantive and interesting. But this was great too!

    Thanks Sam and Julian for the putting together these wonderful podcasts.

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