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Politics & Polls #36: Science, Politics, and the War on Knowledge

March 23rd, 2017, 4:41pm by Sam Wang

A President who denies that CO2 causes climate change, and who believes the falsehood that vaccines cause autism. A climate change denier at the Environmental Protection Agency. No national science adviser. And deep cuts are proposed to the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, and other research programs. What’s going on?

Julian Zelizer and I interviewed Rush Holt. Holt is a former plasma physicist, a former Congressman…and a five-time Jeopardy winner. So he is well-equipped to talk about facts and science. Now he’s CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a premier scientific society in the United States. He had a lot to say about what I call the War on Knowledge.

Link: Politics And Polls #36

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  • 538 Refugee

    History is littered with such setbacks to knowledge. We are already hundreds of years behind where we would have been without them. We don’t need anymore self inflicted setbacks.

    • LondonYoung

      No, we don’t. But the U.S. taxpayer is asked for more on this front than taxpayers in the rest of the world.

      This strikes me as weird because basic science education is better in Europe. The median american voter understands less of chemistry math and physics than the median european voter.

      On the flip side, China is rapidly spending more …

  • 538 Refugee

    Any chance you can get someone to talk about Nunes? I know congress gives its members more latitude that we citizens would get but it sounds like he’s crossed a legal line a couple of times. The White House briefing and then canceling the Yates hearing at what appears to be a request from the White House. It sure seems like someone is doing their best to obstruct justice.

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