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Politics & Polls #32: Israel and Palestine

February 23rd, 2017, 8:28pm by Sam Wang

Almost every U.S. president has struggled to broker a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. A two-state solution was already looking fleeting. What can we expect to see from President Donald Trump? In Politics & Polls, George W. Bush’s Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, joined Julian Zelizer and me to take a hard look at Israel policy…and its baroque domestic politics.


(P.S. don’t ask me what happened to Episode #31 – I think we’re releasing them a little out of order!)

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  • Bulgakov's Cat

    no mention of demographic shift and next economic migration of refugees out of Africa into the ME?
    Israel is a tiny island fortress of 10 million jews in an islamic sea composed of hundreds of millions.
    Hitler reduced the breeding population of jews by ~half– only now is the global jewish population approaching pre- WWII levels.
    TRF is still very low– even among the orthodox.
    Israel is drowning demographically already.

  • John

    Is anyone else getting the wrong podcast in their podcast app when trying to download this episode?

    • 538 Refugee

      It would seem they queue a few of these up and when they released #32 what they really did was release everything ‘up to’ #32? Probably a software ‘feature’ of the Sound Cloud software. Check the url in my post above above and see if you might have gotten #31 instead. They might have to change the queue order in the future if they change release dates.

    • John


      Actually what I meant when I said wrong podcast was a totally different podcast, not just the incorrect episode. In Castro, my iOS podcast app of course, downloading #32 gave me an episode of a podcast by two ladies talking about home budgeting. I assumed it was a problem with Castro and contacted their customer support. However, they claimed to have tested the feed with several other apps and got the same thing so they said that must have been the episode uploaded by Julian and Sam. Very strange.

    • John

      …And now I’m getting the right thing. Strange.

    • Sam Wang

      sorry about that. we don’t understand it either.

  • 538 Refugee

    #31 is available if you go to the soundcloud site. That seems to be what I need to do to get it to play given my browser privacy settings.

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