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Politics & Polls #27: Who Will Rebuild the Democratic Party? (spoiler: you)

January 19th, 2017, 2:37pm by Sam Wang

In episode #27 of Politics & Polls, Julian Zelizer and I interview leading political scientist Theda Skocpol about her recent article in Vox: “A Guide to Rebuilding the Democratic Party from the Ground Up.” In the piece, Skocpol outlines how the Democratic Party can be rebuilt from the ground up, beginning at the state and local levels.

Link to P&P #27:

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  • Suvro

    Over the years I have grown increasingly disenchanted with DNC.
    In 2010 Tim Kaine was the head of DNC and essentially sat on his hands when Karl Rove and Republican consultant Chris Jankowski signaled that they would use Project Redmap – – to target state level legislatures and also select Congressional district seats. Author David Daley says in his book:
    They fell asleep at the wheel. This was a catastrophic strategic failure by the Democratic Party. Chris Jankowski tells me that throughout the fall of 2010, he’s out in the field and he can’t believe that the Democrats aren’t out there spending any money. The Democrats never saw this coming, and it’s political malpractice because the Republican Party announced their plans in big bright flashing neon lights.

    And more recently Debbie Wasserman Schultz was taking positions that seem inimical to the core Democratic principles.

    Unfortunately President Obama and his team had a lot to do with some of these failures! Otherwise the Democratic party would not have lost Ted Kennedy’s seat in MA in 2010!

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