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Politics & Polls #23 with Jamelle Bouie on the Democrats’ Response

December 8th, 2016, 9:26am by Sam Wang

Since Donald Trump’s election, there has been considerable debate about what the Democratic party should do next. While some Democrats argue for an openness to cooperation, others insist there isn’t room for compromise given Trump’s views on race and individual rights. In this episode of Politics & Polls, professors Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang interview one of the most powerful voices in this debate: Jamelle Bouie.

In his writing, Bouie — who serves as Slate’s chief political correspondent — has tackled a host of issues from white nationalism to minority voters to Trump’s vision of Black America. His work has appeared either online or in print at The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The Nation and other publications. He also serves as a political analyst for CBS News.



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  • Ash

    I think the links are broken.

  • Lorem

    So, Democrats should completely not cooperate with Republicans because the platform of the president-elect is evil. And Republicans already completely don’t cooperate with Democrats because Democrats are evil.

    It does seem like this may be the optimal strategy for both sides, but one wonders how socially destructive the combination may be and, separately, how long it will continue.

    • Bulgakovs Cat

      Bravo Lorem…but a two person zero sum game.
      But it cant continue. Republicans are under a demographic death sentence– the hispanic deathcross happens in 2040– but I think the education one happens much sooner– praps in 2020. In 2008 white kids became the minority in children under 5.
      The discriminate was college education this time– 20 million kids become college freshmen every year.
      Going forward there will be more college-educated voters and less non-college educated voters as the Silents and the Boomers die off and more majority minority kids (and white kids too) go to college.
      The zero-sum game is going to be swamped by the resource problem– the GOP will fight like mad, but they have no real future in a democratic republic.
      Praps they can change America to something else…or praps electoral democracy will collapse.
      Interesting times.

  • Bulgakovs Cat

    isnt it abt time to put away ur fainting couches and stop the pearl clutching?
    blue brains and red brains form a bi-modal distribution.
    its not linear.
    i was utterly shocked by Linzer critting Dr. Dedeo over not having sufficient polysci credentials.
    political science is NOT SCIENCE.
    we are not the same.
    bluebrains couldnt conceive of a trump presidency for the obvious logical reasons.
    redbrains didnt care as long as they “won”.
    now we get to see Americans doing to other Americans what America has traditionally done to the rest of the world.
    tant pis.

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