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Politics And Polls #11: Gender and the Presidency, with Rebecca Traister

September 16th, 2016, 9:39am by Sam Wang

On Politics & Polls (SoundCloud, PodOmatic, and iTunes): Julian Zelizer and I interview Rebecca Traister, whose profile of Hillary Clinton for New York magazine is the best profile of Clinton I have read this year. Traister is the author of All The Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation. Listen to our far-ranging discussion now!

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  • Jay Sheckley

    Shocking that the New York Times didn’t know that in 2008. Also agree with Ms Traister concerning the gendered voice issue. All the candidates do yell. But Hillary is the only one I’d wish went to a speech coach. However, I admit to Mom Issues. My mom has even worse Mom Issues! Oy! Dad has em too. Do we all? But is this election really so much about gender when there’s every major campaign issue, plus the whole partisan divide. I didnt hear Bella Abzug mentioned. Maybe my ears blinked. As for the margin dwindling, I think a lot of people don’t see a difference between the margin and the probability. But it’s pleasing that people are recognising the importance of getting the vote out. As for the downticket candidates, I simply don’t understand not voting in every election for every office. I don’t understand how to reach or motivate anyone. Maybe Malcolm Gladwell could be your Woocast guest, or maybe your neuroscience and confirmation bias knowledge could hel us better communicate with our fellow voters whether they be Trumpists, 3rd party loyalists, nonvoters, or QuadAnnualists. Thank you .

  • Leading Edge Boomer

    Sorry to place this here, I can find no other place to ask this question of Professor Wang.

    A new poll, New York Times/Siena College, is introduced here:

    Professor, what is your take on this alternate approach to polling?

  • Sophia

    This podcast was amazing! Loved your guest and I learned so much.

  • Anthony

    I believe a lot of Hillary unfavorables are due to sexism, even from other women like your guest mentioned. Overall I think it’s a (surprisingly) under reported issue in this election cycle.

    • Dana

      I agree! I think the reason it is underreported is because many Americans don’t legitimize it as an issue. The expectations and perceptions of women in the media, especially women in politics, is still grounded in the traditional roles of women of the past generation. Yet, this misrepresentation seems to not be obvious to the average media consumer. The Clinton campaign may see it as unfavorable to mention it out of fear that people will accuse the campaign of amplifying a “non-existent” issue as apart of an agenda to garner sympathy support. Of course, this is not the case at all, yet most citizens don’t have the capacity or information to make a better evaluation of her campaign in the context of gender discrimination.

  • Daniel W Smith

    This may be off topic but I’m a big fan of the Site, polling, and statistics and did not know where else to put this.

    I live in Philadelphia suburbs, and I just got a disquieting phone call tonight at about 8:00 from a “polling” organization about my voting. After asking whether I was likely to vote (“for sure”), choice for President (“Hillary”), and choice for Senate (“McGinty”), the “pollster” on the phone asked “Are you aware that McGinty is proposing a $5000 tax increase for middle class”. By some total co-incidence, I had just this weekend read about this issue, and knew that McGinty is NOT proposing a $5000 tax for the middle class. So, then I realized that this was not really a polling agency at all. It was a political call, for McGinty’s opponent (Rep. Toomey) or some of his supporters, to plant misinformation about McGinty as “fact” under the masquerade/fraud of an objective polling agency. I was so angry that I forgot the name of the “polling” organization but it was “Political ???”

    Has anyone else had this experience or heard about it? Is there a way to stop it or at least educate people about this latest scam. I would hate to see reputable pollsters and polling be sullied by these frauds.

    Sorry if this is off topic. Love the Site.

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