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Outcome: Biden 306 EV (D+1.2% from toss-up), Senate 50 D (D+1.0%)
Nov 3 polls: Biden 342 EV (D+5.3%), Senate 50-55 D (D+3.9%), House control D+4.6%
Moneyball states: President AZ NE-2 NV, Senate MT ME AK, Legislatures KS TX NC

Get PEC pushed to your mobile!

August 13th, 2016, 8:00am by Sam Wang

The Princeton Election Consortium is partnering with StatX to bring to you a way to get our data updates automatically. The StatX app can provide you with all the key outputs on our calculations, updated five times a day: the EV snapshot, current Senate and House estimates, and the Meta-Margins. The app will link back to this website so you can get full site content.

You will need the free StatX app on your iPhone or Android (or search statx in Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Give it a try! Send any StatX-related suggestions and feedback to Below, some answers regarding privacy concerns…

StatX tells me that they use the phone number as the user identifier in their system by sending an SMS to confirm the user’s identity. This is no different than WhatsApp and many other apps.

They get the camera and other permissions to allow users to upload photos to attach to a stat. There are some Android technical limitations in their permissions model (compared to Apple) that require them to get these permissions up front and some of these are bundled together so they end up asking for more than they use.

They say they keep the information secure and do not misuse it, as described in their Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, which are available on their website.


P.S. StatX’s founder, Prasad Raje, sends me the following:

You can use StatX to push your own data. Many functions are free. Some resources:

a. See the StatX web site at

b. Install the app on your phone under StatX’s Free tier

c. Install the Excel AddIn or Google Sheets Add-on. This will enable you to send any data to StatX on mobile from Excel or Sheets, and share with any group – for example you can download some publicly available data and have it appear visually on mobile.

d. Developer types should take a look at StatX’s REST API. You can do integration between any public or private data feeds and StatX and share on mobile with any group.

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  • Jonathan Lundell

    It may not be entirely obvious from this post how the app gets set up. On iOS, install StatX from the App Store and register (name, phone, email). It’ll immediately offer you PEC as an option. Tap it and you’re off to the (electoral) races.

    • George Collier

      Hi Jonathan!

      Installed app and offered nothing? Do I need to be a member of a list/group?


    • Prasad Raje

      George, right after the phone verification step, the app presents a “select your interests” screen. This has a “tile” in the center that you can tap. On Android this appears as “Election Consortium”. This is what you should tap. If you are already past this screen, you can get back to it by tapping + and selecting View Demo Groups.

    • Jonathan Lundell

      Under iOS, it was the first screen I saw after signing up, and shows up again in the “view demo groups” section if you tap + in the upper right of the Groups tab.

  • Steve Demuth

    Thanks for the app. I made the mistake of messing with the filter and now the app crashes when trying to return to “All” data. Maybe it’s just my iPhone. Please fix. Thanks.

    • Prasad Raje

      Steve, we have reproduced your issue and will be fixing it soon. Meanwhile, here is a workaround: simply choose in your filter Last 24hrs or Last 7 days. Given that we are updating the data more often than that, you will be able to see all the stats.

    • Prasad Raje

      We have released StatX for iOS v1.2.1 with a fix for the “All” filter setting. Please visit the App Store on your phone for an update to StatX.

  • calvinhobbesliker

    Hmm, this app seems to be incompatible with the iPhone 5c (though the 5s is fine). Any way I can get around this?

  • Albert

    The app is great! I was going to write and say how developing an app for your site would be a good idea. I check the numbers at least daily so this is very helpful. However, I can’t see a link to the main website on the app? Am I missing it somewhere? And the colors are a bit off as its more like purple and burnt orange instead of blue and red!

    • Prasad Raje

      Glad you like the app Albert! The links to the web site are in the Notes field, just below the stat visual. It is also available in the Attachments field. As for the colors, you are right, it does appear that way on Android. We will be fixing this in our upcoming v1.3 in a few weeks.

  • TJ

    This is awesome! Thanks for making this happen! Now I can get my numbers fix super simple :)

  • Bela Lubkin

    For my non-mobile use, I seem to remember some HTML snippets to embed various PEC stats in ones own web pages. My searches have failed…

    I’ve made a page incorporating the graphical images:

    EV_history, EV_histogram_today,
    Senate_seat_history, Senate_histogram_today,

    — but do not know how to capture the various numerical values. e.g. the Obama_generic_history image is slightly more effective along with its title, “Obama net: APPROVE 7.0%”. How can I grab that and the per-page header (“As of [date]” through “Meta-margin:”) without directly scraping a PEC page?

  • Michael Coppola

    You know, Sam, for a guy who was just talking about giving up this little hobby of his, you’ve done a lot of really impressive work in the past week or so. Thanks!

  • George Collier

    Hi — all squared away — thanks guys!

  • Maximo Vizcaino

    This app is awesome! Keep the good work.

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