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Aug 04: Biden 370 EV (D+6.5% from toss-up), Senate 52 D, 48 R (D+3.8%), House control D+4.2%
Moneyball states: Senate MT KS ME, Legislatures KS TX NC


January 1st, 2016, 9:00am by Sam Wang

Tags: Meta-analysis

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  • Jay Sheckley

    Testing… due to an accusation about heavy-handed moderation.
    But you know, people, this election and this site are about more than our unfettered self-expression.
    Dr Wang is trying to _teach_ about several things here, among these may be facts, statistics, damned statistics, History, political science and confirmation bias, ie our inability to learn from anything we perceive as opposing us..
    If our comments are curbed [mine are] let us accept the cognitive challenge to extend respect for Princeton Election Consortium to its site curation.

  • Ed Wittens Cat

    Even in Siberia there is happiness.
    — Anton Chekov

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