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Jul 15: Biden 372 EV (D+5.9% from toss-up), Senate 53 D, 47 R (D+5.6%), House control D+8.0%
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Post-DNC bounce – and a technical announcement

September 18th, 2012, 8:16am by Sam Wang

Good morning, moochers (click to see Romney’s rapid response to the “my job is not to worry about [the 47%]” tape).

The post-DNC bounce is in full effect. However, not all of this morning’s update is that. Some arises from pent-up data due to a technical glitch. To learn more read this.

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  • Olav Grinde

    This morning I was struck by the new polls on Senate races. Good news for Democrats across the board, it seems. This is going to be tight, but it appears the “Republican brand” has taken a beating…

    Most striking is’s bird’s eye view of today. Based on the polls, they currently rate the likely outcome as: 52 Democrats, 46 GOP, with two races tied.

    This is going to be an exciting election!

  • The Political Omnivore

    I do have a post on the moochers and job creators ( As the Meta–Analysis and gets fixed and we wonder if the latest video release will have any results, there’s a RAND poll of people who have changed their candidate (changed their minds) here: and the betting markets show some movement:

    This is contrasted with the polls which (traditionally) don’t show much reaction to a gaffe. So this is a good case study as to how those other metrics apply to the vote-EV model.

    Always interesting reading. I eagerly await the Electoral Challenge!

  • Olav Grinde

    I notice that Nate Silver of also have the Democrats as favourites for a Senate majority. His prediction is 51 — 49.

    As Dr Wang has said repeatedly: it’s a knife-edge election.

  • Bill N

    Thanks for the correction and update.

    Black swan: Romney’s fundraiser video and his press conference last night? Might this qualify as a black swan event?

  • xian

    So far I only see PEC saying it’s likely Dems retake the House, though.

  • Brad Davis

    I think things are looking better and better for the dems each day. At the moment it still looks like the Republican’s will retain control of the house, but the overall direction has to be encouraging. Or am I just revealing my underlying biases? :)

  • Olav Grinde

    I’m really looking forward to a revised, over-arching analysis of the House races. I really don’t see anyone providing that. Perhaps Dr Wang will soon chime in again on this topic?

    My impression is that more and more Democratic candidates for Senate are opening up a lead, while races where Republicans previously held a comfortable lead are becoming competitive.

    Whatever happens with the polls, it seems inevitable that there will be a lot of very, very close races.

    The decisive factor will be turnout.

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