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Aug 04: Biden 370 EV (D+6.5% from toss-up), Senate 52 D, 48 R (D+3.8%), House control D+4.2%
Moneyball states: Senate MT KS ME, Legislatures KS TX NC

For locals: a talk on the Meta-Analysis

October 2nd, 2008, 9:00am by Sam Wang

Tomorrow (Friday) at noon, I’ll give a talk in Kosuke Imai and Dustin Tingley’s political methodology seminar. If you’re nearby, you’re welcome to attend. Of course, the math will all be included. The blurb is here (PDF).

Update: Here’s another local event, happening next Tuesday: a panel on the reliability of state polls featuring both pollsters and academics, including Andrew Gelman, author of Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State. I hear the panel will be webcast. If so I’ll post a link.

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