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Aug 13: Biden 357 EV (D+6.1% from toss-up), Senate 52 D, 48 R (D+4.0%), House control D+3.5%
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300,000th view – thank you!

September 29th, 2008, 3:30pm by Sam Wang

Last night we provided the 300,000th page view. I wasn’t expecting it until today, but links from Andrew Sullivan, DailyKos, and many others to The Disappearing Bradley Effect pushed us over. Thank you!The doubling time is 2-3 weeks. So we have a good shot at getting a million views before Election Day. I wasn’t expecting anywhere close to the readership of 2004, which was close to a million views of a hand-coded page of HTML. I was expecting fewer readers because the race is less close. And of course FiveThirtyEight’s combination of attempted prediction and high-quality commentary dominates the market.

In the closing weeks we’ll continue to more technical topics. Possibilities include

  • Further analysis of systematic error
  • A shift to prediction, including nonpresidential races and quantitative oddsmaking
  • The psychology and neuroscience of political opinion formation

Stay tuned.

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  • greg prull

    you guys do a great job and provide a very valuable service.

    thank you!

  • Mark Powell

    Yes, FiveThirtyEight offers a lot, but some of us look forward even more to your updates here due to our respect for your methods. Keep up the great work!

  • ndam

    Dear Sam,
    300,000 views! I am a bit embarrassed to admit this but I look look at your web site about 1000 times a day. Are there 300 others who do this?

  • Gregory Ward

    Dr. Wang,
    I first found your site *from* 538, and have selected it and others as “counterbalances” to the news provided there (in a way, averaging the effects to better inform my understanding of the race as well as learning different methodologies of prediction). And, as a PU alumnus, I’m always happy to see great work on an interesting topic from my old stomping grounds! PLEASE do post about the senatorial and other (gubernatorial and/or House) races. I also enjoyed the “Welcome to your Brain” download; will you be expanding/updating it at any point? Thank you, Greg

  • Elizabeth Duvert

    Congratulations, Sam! Well deserved.

  • Sam Wang

    Thanks, everyone!

    ndam, all I can say is it’s not me. WordPress doesn’t count my own visits, which considering how often I have this thing open is a good thing.

    Gregory, re Welcome To Your Brain, my co-author Sandra and I have the paperback coming out at the end of the year with new material and a long reference list for the curious. Writing about the brain is currently slowed a bit because of other activities, but very much an ongoing project. After all, it’s what I study for a living…

  • Fred

    I too look at your site several times a day. By sticking to your methodology, you provide a great service.

  • Vicki Vance

    re: ndam….I check this site all the time (maybe not 1000 times a day, but many, many times a day). The whole election thing is freaking me out and this is the only site I believe in. I am so happy I discovered this site and am forever telling other people about it. great work, Sam!

  • Victoria

    Cool blog, Sam! And congrats on the 300,000+ views!

  • John Pickart

    Thanks for your Web-Site and thanks for reminding me that you were back in business. I enjoyed following you in 04 and love the 08 version.

  • Marcus

    Hi guys, greetings from Germany!
    I just wanted to say you are doing an awsome job here and I’m following closely (one of the blessings of my UMTS Internet onnection, be on the pulse of your election from my side of the Atlantic).
    Keep up the good work.

  • Fran

    Congratulations – but I thought I was the only one checking in 1000 times a day. I appreciate everything you are doing and please keep up the great work. The information on the disappearing Bradley effect was fascinating. It is exciting and encouraging to see the results backed up with data.

  • Jack Rems

    (I tried to post this on the article above: “Princeton economists on the Wall Street crisis” but the link didn’t work)

    Thank you for the “Princeton economists on the Wall Street crisis.”
    Recently I watched a documentary on Alexander Hamilton, which glossed over how he used the young country’s debt to build the world’s strongest economy and currency. By all appearences, the $700 billion bailout is being determined by people who, like me, don’t understand higher economic calculus. Most don’t even seem to get the difference between an expense and an investment; is there ever a _balance sheet_ done for the United States?

    Are there any websites you could recommend for an economic theory tutorial (sort of like the “Physics for non-physicists” we had in the Physics dept), or some real scientific discussion of the recent financial crises? Somebody running some numbers on the 700 billion $ ?

    Thank you.

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