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Time to double the number of deaths Monday, April 6: US 4.3 days, NJ 3.9 days, NY 3.7 days

Saturday 9am: CNN (Smerconish) and MSNBC (Kornacki)

October 31st, 2014, 9:37pm by Sam Wang

I’ll be on CNN (Smerconish, sometime between 9 and 10) and MSNBC (Up with Steve Kornacki, live between 9 and 9:30). Key point on CNN (watch it here): is this Tuesday’s election an Obama referendum, or an echo of previous wave elections in 2008 and 2010?

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  • SFBay

    Sam, you’re becoming a go to expert for poll watching.

  • securecare

    Any idea which one first etc ? Remotes will have to click I guess.

  • Savanna

    Hey Sam,

    You’ll know that you’ve really made it when you get to play “Up Against the Clock” on Steve’s show :) :)

  • JayBoy2k

    Sam Wang competing against Sam Wang at 9:18 — MSNBC and CNN simultaneously. WOW

  • Savanna

    Likely that little contre temps between Scott Brown and that journalist (even though the journalist was not technically correct) highlighted the carpet bagging issue enough to make it clear that Scott Brown is so desperate to be a senator that any state will do.

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