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Podcast at Political Wire

September 24th, 2014, 5:53pm by Sam Wang

I was interviewed today by Political Wire. Here it is!

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  • 538 Refugee

    I know it is a midterm, but with all the attention you have been getting is the site traffic up?

    • Sam Wang

      Take a look at my traffic statistics. September 2014 traffic is on pace to be about 90 percent of what it was in September 2012. Considering the lower profile of midterm elections, that is amazing.

      One difference is that I’m seeing less link traffic from blogs and news sources; the “referrers” column has been fairly quiet lately. I am not sure why that is. Maybe the fact that I am posting more technical information here, more substantive items at The New Yorker? Incessant attacks from You-Know-Who? On the flip side, the regular news media attention has been more intense than September 2012.

      Finally…the referrer traffic from FiveThirtyEight has been modest. I think their traffic is substantially lower than 2012.

    • Steve Jensen

      Let’s hope that September 2014’s site traffic–90 percent of what it was in 2012–correlates to a 2014 voter turnout that will be at least 90 percent of what it was in 2012!

  • wendy fleet

    The podcast at Political Wire is worth your time. Hie thither & enjoy.

  • Steve Scarborough

    I enjoyed listening. Well done!

  • pgvaidya


    Great interview.

    One item. 2010 Nevada. A Nevada newspaper, I think, it was Las vegas Sun was consistently and convincingly predicting Reid win. If I remember it right, it was because there was absentee ballot data which was available. I could be wrong, it could be some other reason behind the analysis, but I did mention to my friends that if there were to be no restriction on US citizen’s for betting on intrade, I would place a fair bet on Nevada.

    • Sam Wang

      Early-voting data does seem to be useful. There was similar information on Colorado in the 2012 Presidential race. It bears watching.

      There have been recent reports of early Iowa voting favoring Democrats. Does that mean a good get-out-the-vote operation there?

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