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Happy holidays!

December 24th, 2012, 12:00pm by Sam Wang

At the start of the year this community was small. Four million views later…thank you. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege.

For the new breed of quants:

For the old-school:

Travel safely. Watch out for enormous poodles.

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  • OutHereinPasadena CA

    Thank you Sam Wang, you are a beacon of intellectual verisimilitude in a wasteland of media innanity.

  • Wheelers cat

    Thank you Dr Wang for forging the l33test commentariat on all of teh intertubes.

    merry festivus to us all!

  • A New Jersey Farmer

    Thank you for the great work you did, and continue to do, this year. It was a pleasure being a part of the community.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Bill N

    Everyone have a safe and happy Holiday season, and a safe and Happy 2013.

  • 538 Refugee

    Wishing all the very best in the new year. Have a safe, happy one.

    And I think I’ll stay with the chocolate chip cookies my wife baked up this morning. :D