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Offline for a moment…

October 28th, 2012, 9:08pm by Sam Wang

I must relocate the server in light of the imminent hurricane strike. Don’t be concerned if we go away for a bit. Update: back. Fingers crossed!

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  • Anbruch

    Hope you don’t have to down too long and stay safe!

  • Michael NC

    Good luck with that. When I lived in S. Fl. we had to protect our servers (Biopharma IT) many times over the years. BTW, my late father was in PR/Fund raising at Princeton in the 70′s. My sister and I would take the rattler ever month to visit him. The best marching band, i’d say!
    Go Tigers!

  • Dean

    Good luck, and please be safe!

  • JGO

    From out here on West Coast, I’m hoping everyone on the East Coast will be dry and safe. Take care.

  • DJW

    Now you tell us.

    Hope you and yours are safe, Sam.

  • Steve

    Best wishes to you. Please be safe and good luck.

  • Filmmaker78

    Thanks for all of the work you put into this. Be safe.

  • Shirley Scritchfield

    Holding all of you in the Light as your struggle with this mega-storm! Take good care.

  • MJ Joe

    I’ll gladly trade the updates if it means people stay safe.

  • bks

    If Sandy takes just the median destruction found in the media forecasts, it is going to have an effect on the election. No one is going to pay attention to campaign rallies for the next three days. I’m at a loss to figure out which candidate this favors.


  • Michael NC

    Welcome back!
    Are you really running this site on a unix box you can throw on a cart and move?
    Doesn’t an institution as prestigious as Princeton have a real web server you can use? ;-)

    • Amitabh Lath

      The particle physics folks in Jadwin Hall must have a dozen or so dual-quad-core rack mount units with 32G memory. At least. That’s what we have and we’re a state school.

    • Sam Wang

      That wasn’t the problem.

      It will take ~10 hours to remap the new IP address. Doing that would address the specific scenario in which we lose building power *but* internet service is intact. I’ve decided to leave it on the UPS where it is, and hope for the best…good planning, huh?

    • 538 Refugee

      Sam, for future reference. If you anticipate a move set your TTL to about 60 seconds in your dns records. You have to do this in advance depending on what your current TTL is. Some folks will ignore this and cache for 24 hours regardless though it seems.

  • Aaron Mayorga

    Welcome back! Stay safe during the storm.

  • Steven J. Wangsness

    I LOVE that the MM is ip to 2.14!

  • wheelers cat

    All hell is breaking loose on twitter. Jay Cost and Jen Rubin have declared war on the Central Limit Theorem.
    After the election we are all going to be living in Anathem.

  • Joel

    take care. I am addicted to this site, so dont be offline for too long.

  • JustAnotherUndecidedVoter

    Hurricane? What hurricane?

    • Tom Gavin


      There he goes again!

  • E L

    Take care and be safe. We’ll deal with Jen Rubin and Jay Cost while you’re down—not much of a challenge really.

  • Khan

    Is anyone else getting very upset with Nate Silver’s increasing inability to respect his own data? Every post is filled with downplaying the electoral college stronghold the President has.

  • Ms. Jay Sheckley

    Scared me when I couldnt see your site. Glad youre back.