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Donna Brazile isn’t going to the back of the bus

October 8th, 2008, 2:02pm by Sam Wang

Just watch. (Jezebel via Andrew Sullivan).

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  • Sam Wang

    This isn’t the point. I found the video to be quite moving. But I would be delighted to see Charles Krauthammer become a major GOP strategist.

  • Ben

    Donna Brazile: “If I Were Running This Campaign” HA! If Donna Brazile were running this campaign, McCain would surely be ahead by 10 percentage points! I know she has real experience, but she sounds like someone who has read books about politics but has no actual ,useful advice to offer. Most of what she says turns out to be wrong. The Charles Krauthammer of the left?

  • Independent

    So true. And isn’t it a pity that this truth needs to be repeated today?