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New polls / voting technology news

August 22nd, 2008, 10:14am by Sam Wang

Lots of new polls today, the latest in a stream. The median poll age in key states has improved: FL (4 days), OH (9 days), VA (10 days), CO (10 days). It would be nice to get one more update in Ohio; I think that’s a 4-week-old Quinnipiac poll in the back of the fridge with something green growing on it. Yesterday’s report (Obama 289, McCain 249) and today’s (O 291, Mc 247) provide a baseline to gauge the effect of the very active last few days and the weeks ahead.

In voting technology news, there’s a move to get rid of touchscreen voting systems in many states. This is an expensive backpedaling move. Speaking of Ohio, both touchscreen and optical scan machines there have been found to contain a problem that results in dropped votes. Ironically, the problem is said to arise from an incompatibility with antivirus software.

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